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The Hong Kong Construction Association, Limited (HKCA) was established in 1920 aimed at improving the construction industry’s standard in Hong Kong. Members of HKCA, currently over 300, are registered construction companies in Hong Kong. The Association is the recognized and leading voice for Hong Kong main contractors and over the years established a trusted working relationship with the HKSAR Government, the Construction Industry Council (CIC), other professional institutions and labour unions. The views of HKCA are being solicited in the formulation of legislations and policies related to the construction industry; and we will ensure that Members’ needs on industrial, contractual and technical matters are well looked after. HKCA is a member of the International Federation of Asian and Western Pacific Contractors’ Associations (IFAWPCA) representing Hong Kong. The Federation composed of representation from 16 neighbouring nations/areas. The heart of the HKCA's business is the 41-member Council and the standing and ad-hoc committees. The Association's Council Officers comprise a President, six Vice-Presidents, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer (and their deputies). The Association's normal business is carried out by the Secretariat under the supervision of the Chief Executive.
The 69th HKCA Council for 2017/2019 is effective from 1 April 2017 for a two-year term. Below is the list of the Office Bearers:

  • President

    Mr Allan CHAN

    Hip Hing Construction Co Ltd
  • First Vice-President

    Mr Eddie LAM

    Techoy Construction Co Ltd
  • Vice-President

    Mr TSUI Wai Tim

    Build King (Zens) Engineering Ltd
  • Vice-President (Building)

    Mr Barry SIN

    Director, Head of Strategy and
    Business Development
    Leighton Contractors (Asia) Limited
  • Vice-President (Civil Engineering)

    Mr Ringo YU

    Managing Director
    Fraser Construction Co Ltd
  • Vice-President (Mainland)

    Mr Danny HUNG

    Executive Director and
    Deputy General Manager
    China State Construction
    Engineering (H.K.) Ltd
  • Vice-President (Overseas)

    Mr Wes JONES

    Managing Director
    Dragages Hong Kong Ltd
  • Honorary Treasurer

    Mr YING Tsie Cheong

    Paul Y. Construction and
    Engineering Co Ltd
  • Honorary Secretary

    Mr Stephen YIM

    Deputy General Manager
    Penta-Ocean Construction Co Ltd
  • Deputy Honorary Treasurer

    Mr Vincent CHEUNG

    General Manager (Commercial)
    Maeda Corporation
  • Deputy Honorary Secretary

    Mr Eric KWOK

    Managing Director
    Konwall Construction &
    Engineering Co Ltd


Sr Thomas Tse is appointed the CE of the HKCA from 1 January 2016 to represent the Association on executive roles and support the President. The CE will co-ordinate and liaise with Members, various Industry Committees and interest groups, front discussions and communications on behalf of the Association with Government authorities, other stakeholders and the public.

  • Chief Executive

    Mr Thomas TSE


  • Build King Civil Engineering Limited
    Mr Wilfred SO
  • Build King Construction Limited
    Mr Simon LIU
  • Chan Shum Kee Sam Lee Construction Co Ltd
    Mr Anthony CHAN Yiu Tung
  • Cheung Kee Fung Cheung Const Co Ltd
    Mr Conrad FUNG
  • Chun Wo Construction & Engineering Co Ltd
    Mr David LAU
  • Chun Wo Foundations Ltd
    Mr Andy YIU
  • CR Construction Co Ltd
    Mr Paul CHAN Tak Yiu
  • Continental Engineering Corporation
    Mr John Porter
  • E Man Construction Co Ltd
    Mr Simon YIU
  • Excel Engineering Co Ltd
    Mr LI Chi Pong
  • Fook Lee Construction Co Ltd
    Mr HO Sai Kit
  • Hip Hing Builders Co Ltd
    Mr C Y FUNG
  • Hip Hing Engineering Co Ltd
    Mr Patrick KWAN
  • Hsin Chong Construction (Asia) Ltd
    Mr Chris CHAU
  • Hsin Chong Construction Co Ltd
    Mr Steven John MEREDITH
  • Kim Hung Construction and Engineering Co Ltd
    Mr Daniel SHUM
  • Kum Shing (K.F.) Construction Co Ltd
    Mr Rex WONG
  • Lap Kai Engineering Co Ltd
    Mr Steven YUEN
  • Paul Y. Construction Co Ltd
    Mr KONG Sik Wing
  • Paul Y. General Contractors Ltd
    Mr James LEE
  • Sanfield Building Contractors Ltd
    Mr Desmond TSOI
  • Shui On Building Contractors Ltd
    Mr David CHAN
  • Shun Yuen Construction Co Ltd
    Mr Andrew CHAU
  • Sun On Engineering Co Ltd
    Mr Alfred TANG
  • Tysan Foundation Ltd
    Mr David CHIU
  • Vibro (H.K.) Ltd
    Mr Fred KOO
  • Vibro Construction Co Ltd
    Mr Jonathan WONG
  • Wan Chung Construction Co Ltd
    Mr Jesse WONG
  • Wecon Ltd
    Mr Alec TSANG
  • Yau Lee Construction Co Ltd
    Mr Richard LEE

HKCA Permanent Supervisors

Mr HO Sai Chu Mr John LOO Mr Peter LAM
Mr Jimmy TSE Mr Billy WONG Mr Conrad WONG

HKCA Honorary Members

Mr Eddy S F YAU Mr T P YU Mr Peter NIE

Mr Patrick CHAN


Mr Edgar KWAN

Mr Stephen LEE

Mr James BLAKE



Industry and standing committees are set up to study and review issues and concerns that are of particular relevance to the different disciplines and areas of operation. These Committees will make policy proposals to the government on matters affecting the construction industry.


Building Committee

Chairman: Mr Barry SIN
Vice-Chairman (ASD): Mr David CHAN
Vice-Chairman (BD): Mr Eric LAU
Vice-Chairman (Env, H&S): Mr Kenneth MOK
Vice-Chairman (HA): Mr Richard LEE
Vice-Chairman (Strategy): Mr Paul LAU
Honorary Treasurer: Mr Paul CHUNG

This Committee deals with Government and private sector building construction works. It has been working closely with relevant bodies including the Development Bureau, the Hong Kong Housing Authority, the Architectural Services Department and the Buildings Department, etc to improve communication, streamline work practices and regulatory measures.

Civil Engineering Committee

Chairman: Mr Ringo YU
Vice-Chairman: Mr Simon LIU
Vice-Chairman: Mr Frankie HA
Vice-Chairman: Mr Barry SIN
Vice-Chairman: Mr Vincent CHEUNG
Honorary Treasurer: Mr Jonathan WONG

The Committee was established in 1980 and has been reflecting the voices of its members. This Committee has been playing a major role in advising the Government on policies related to civil engineering works and on the construction industry through regular dialogues with Government departments and other parties concerned.

Piling Contractors Committee

Chairman: Mr Fred KOO
Vice-Chairman: Mr C C WAI
Vice-Chairman: Mr LAI Kok Wai
Honorary Treasurer: Mr Nelson KWOK

The Committee aims to promote and maintain a safe, economical and efficient piling industry. This committee liaises closely with the Buildings Department, the Housing Department, and the Architectural Services Department to resolve issues and problems experienced by the piling contractors.

Site Investigation Contractors Committee

Chairman: Mr M P CHAN
Vice-Chairman & Honorary Treasurer: Mr LI Sin Keung
Vice-Chairman: Mr James LAM
Vice-Chairman: Mr CHEN Wing Hon
Vice-Chairman: Mr H M CHAN

This Committee is set up to improve the quality of the site investigation industry. It represents HKCA to negotiate and resolve problems related to site investigation works with the relevant Government departments, and in particular GEO, and provide a consultation channel for Government and other professional bodies on matters related to the site investigation industry. 


SME Committee

Chairman: Mr Eddie LAM
Vice-Chairman: Mr Conrad FUNG
Vice-Chairman: Mr Daniel SHUM
Vice-Chairman: Mr Alfred TANG
Vice-Chairman: Mr Alec TSANG
Honorary Treasurer: Mr Chris LEE Kai Yuen

Environmental Committee

Chairman: Mr Stephen YIM
Vice-Chairman: Mr Ben HO
Vice-Chairman: Mr Eddie TSE
Vice-Chairman: Ms Lighting CHAN 
Vice-Chairman: Mr Tony YAM

Health and Safety Committee

Chairman: Mr TSUI Wai Tim
Vice-Chairman: Mr Rex WONG 

Young Members Society

Chairman: Mr Anthony CHAN Yin Chung
First Vice-Chairman: Mr Gilbert LAM
Vice-Chairman (Young Professionals & Secondary School): Mr Philip TSANG
Vice-Chairman (Institutions): Mr David TUNG
Treasurer: Mr Eric WONG
Secretary: Mr Michael WONG
Deputy Treasurer: Mr Kevin LAI
Deputy Secretary: Mr Andy WONG

Index Committee

Chairman: Mr Eddie LAM
Vice-Chairman: Mr C M WUN

Audit Committee

Chairman: Mr David CHIU
Member: Mr HO Sai Kit
Member: Mr David CHAN

Membership Committee

Member: Mr Stephen YIM (Honorary Secretary)
Member: Mr Eric KWOK (Deputy Honorary Secretary)
Member: Mr Thomas TSE (Chief Executive)